STX Stallion 600 Sr. Hockey Stick

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STX Stallion 600 Sr. Hockey Stick

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The Stallion 600 is a workhorse of a stick designed for the elite players looking to really load up the shaft to deliver punishing slap shots and one-timers. The 600 features premium 12K carbon fiber with a spear construction, which means that the shaft extends internally into the heel of the blade. This construction ultimately provides increased puck feel and keeps the stick lightweight. The Stallion line of sticks also features STX’s Power Flex Profile, a mid-kick providing constant load for a maximum power behind every shot.

The biggest upgrade to the Stallion line is going to come from the Quad Core Blade. The new blade combines a light and torsionally strong internal design, with a softer face, for responsive control. Four “Quad Core” carbon fiber reinforced bridges run the entire length of the blade to enhance stability. In between the bridges is a unique, less dense foam which reduces the overall blade weight and increases puck feel. As for the blade wrap, STX designed the carbon layup to maximize the compressive strength of carbon fibers to extend the life of the blade by 20%.

Finally, the Stallion 600 has an ultra-high balance point that amplifies the feel and playability of the stick, this high balance point combined with the new blade keep the 600 feeling incredibly well balanced in your hands and extremely lightweight while still having that solid feel to it.

Player ProfileDesigned specifically for high skilled offensive players looking for a quick release and unmatched response to take control of the game
Kick Point / Flex ProfilePower Flex Profile - constant load for a consistent release of energy
Shaft ConstructionPremium 12K carbon fber with Spear Construction
Shaft GeometrySquare corners and double concave walls
Shaft CoatingMatted Grip with raised texture
Shaft TaperConstant flex profile - no visible taper - engineered with a high balance point
Blade CoreQuad Core Blade - combines a light foam core with carbon fiber reinforced bridges running the length of the blade
Blade Wrap12K carbon fiber wrap
Blade CoatingMatted finish
Stick Used for Measurement85 Flex X92 Left Hand
*Average Weight (gm)394
*Average Weight (oz)13.9
Actual length (in)61.0


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STX Stallion 600 Sr. Hockey Stick

STX Stallion 600 Sr. Hockey Stick

STX Stallion 600 Sr. Hockey Stick